West Cork Tour

Start and finish any of these single day private tours from Cork or Limerick. Contact us today and let your Irish tour of discovery begin, we can make these day tours as unique and bespoke as you wish.

Tour Duration: 8 to 9 hours
Take in everything from ancient stone structures to places of ancient religious significance to quaint, colourful Irish towns during your excursion around the West of Ireland’s real capital, Cork, on this one-day private escape with MunsterBus Tours.

Tour Highlights

Early on the morning of your tour we will pick you up from your hotel to embark on your bespoke private guided tour. This being the West Cork tour will first take you to see Drombeg stone circle. A prehistoric site dating to the bronze age and believed to have significance of astronomical and religious kind in that time. For this reason, it has also been dubbed the ‘Druid’s Altar’ as these were the holy men, carrying out the religious rituals in pre-Christian Ireland. All in all, this stands as a great start to your day, and for its positioning amongst green rolling fields and hills, the likes of which Ireland is famed for, the site also acts as a great photo opportunity.

After this we are on to Timoleague Abbey, a Franciscan Friary founded in 1240. This massive religiously rooted castle sits on the bank of the Arigideen River and is a great point of interest for anyone intrigued by architecture, archaeological possibility or ecclesiastical history. As a prime example of the gothic style church structures of the time and for its positioning amongst surroundings comprised of a nice, quaint town it is an outstanding photographic opportunity.

Leaving Timoleague with plenty of historical knowledge already imparted on you from an experienced driver guide, you will venture next to Clonakilty to take in a quaint, colourful and friendly Irish seaside town. Seated on Clonakilty Bay and having been the birthplace and home to Michael Collins, this area possesses a deep foothold in Irish culture. Finally, take the opportunity whilst here to stop by and pick up some Clonakilty Black Pudding, a key staple of the Full Irish Breakfast!

To conclude your day then it’s on to Kinsale. Here, you are free to take in another small town which is representative and serves as an epitome of Irish culture and tradition or embark on a journey to discover Charles Fort, one of two castles in the area, the other being James Fort. Both of which played an instrumental role in preventing the Spanish Armada from landing on Ireland’s Southern coast with a plan to invade in 1601.

After all of this you will be brought back to your starting point in the evening and left off there by your driver guide to go off on your next adventure of your own, whatever or wherever that may be!

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