Best of Cork & Kerry Highlights

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Tour Duration: 8 to 9 hours

The Best of Cork and Kerry Highlights tour is perfect for those who are staying in the South and wish to take in as much as possible in one joyously action-packed and sight filled day of private touring. Across a time period of 8 to 9 hours you will cover the best of what two counties have to offer. From towns, sights and scenic religious areas in Cork to the main points of beauty which make up the most noted portions of the Ring of Kerry, all are included in this fantastic excursion. It is a certainty that this will be a great day of historic knowledge and snapshots galore.

Tour Highlights

Start off your day by heading straight from your hotel or guest house to Gougane Barra, a stunningly picturesque pocket of landscape containing a small church seated in a wide expanse of glistening lake at the foot of a rugged mountain. Here, there is also an opportunity to explore the living ways of monks of old, as there are multiple beehive huts in a circular pattern located a little further up the bank of the lake which are demonstrative of these ancient individual’s lack of possessions. Of course, these are also open for photography and are great for a quaint and possibly slightly eerie snapshot.

After this its onwards to Glengarriff, a very small village which is home to only 40 people, and whilst still in Cork, acts as more of a gateway for you on your journey to reach the Caha Pass in Kerry. From this village you can see Garnish Island in the distance and will have an opportunity to grab a photograph of this landmass. Finally here you will have an opportunity to soak up the village for what it is, a true Irish colourful, friendly and overall nice place.

Following on from Glengarriff then we will make our way into Kerry to take in our first attraction here, one of the parts of the Ring of Kerry as promised, the Caha Pass. This is a scenic road etched along a series of mountains entitled the Caha Mountain Range collectively, which trace the border between counties and act to position you high above the photogenic valleys below. This winding road will guide you safely through the rugged and steep surrounding area, letting you off in Kenmare, a bustling market town with a lively air perfect for shopping and grabbing a bite to eat.

From here you will be whisked off to Killarney’s National Park to conclude your day, what a way to end! In this area you will be exposed to the wondrous Molls Gap which will cut you a path through the Macgillicuddy’s Reeks, a mountain range that is home to Carrauntoohill, the highest peak in Ireland. Also in this vast Park you will take in Ladies View, a sight of three lakes from high above which holds a great story of its own, involving Queen Victoria, her ladies and the spot being described as “fit for a lady”. Finally, here you will see Torc Waterfall, a 20-metre-high ledge from which water cascades in a way which offers itself well to photo taking and serves as a great way to finish off your experience with us at MunsterBus Tours.

After this great day’s exploration, we will be sure to drop you back to wherever it is you started from to have a well-deserved evening’s rest. At this point we will wish you farewell and all the best on your next adventure of your own whatever and wherever that may be.

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