Just head South and no matter where you come from, you will find Cork at the very bottom of the country just before you meet the ocean. A city surrounded by the river Lee with some of the steepest hills in Ireland. In fact, the ‘Tour de France’ cycle race came to Cork in 1998 just to go up St. Patricks Hill in the heart of the city, classed as one of the steepest hills in Europe. Cork is a little like Venice but maybe not as romantic, and should definitely be considered on your ‘tour of Ireland’ when you arrive you will be entering the ‘real capital of Ireland’ or at least this is what a Corkonian would have you believe. Some of the friendliest people in Ireland come from Cork, in fact it was voted the second friendlies city in the world in 2018. Corkonians speak with an accent that is undoubtedly one of the quickest in the country and at a higher pitch to most other humans. If you’re having a pint down in Cork, Murphy’s should be your tipple of choice, because down here we class Guinness as a Dublin drink. Cork has a great sense of character with a lot of the buildings and Cathedrals dating back over 800 years, as a docking city it was the gateway to the world in Victorian times when Ireland was under British rule.

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