The last port of call for the Titanic, as depicted in the award-winning movie, was this sea-side town. The ship was built in Belfast before making a stop in Southampton on route to Cobh. After leaving Cobh we all know what happened next, an unfortunate demise came to what was the biggest passenger liner in the world at the time. The town itself is like a museum to the Titanic as it has not changed an awful lot since that time, in either architecture or layout. Apart from its connection with what is arguably the world’s most recognisable vessel, Cobh was also the immigration hub of Ireland with over two-million leaving our shores from here as recently as the 1920s. The statue of fourteen-year-old Annie Moore and her two younger brothers on the dock signifies this. Annie first person to go through Ellis Island on her way to America. On last count it was shown that over fifty-million Americans claim Irish heritage today, we did some damage when we got there, I would say we didn’t rest for a minute. Finally, in more modern times, Cobh now has some of the biggest cruise ships in the world stopping off where the Titanic left and it would be a difficult task to find a more picturesque port.

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