Known as the cultural capital of Ireland (according to its residents), Cork is the second city in Ireland and one of the most beautiful areas on the island. Cork is located in the extreme south of the country, right between the mountains of County Kerry and the Irish Sea. The city is a perfect size for people who want a mix of the typical urban and cultural experience of Ireland, but also not far from the famous Irish countryside and landscape. If you come here to visit, as an international student or to work, Cork has something for everyone.


The best way to see Cork is with a Munster Bus Tour. Our Day Tours depart every day from our office in the city’s shopping center on Bridge Street. There our team is very friendly and they are all native Cork, that’s why they know everything there is in Cork, be it events, tourist sites or general information. They can also help you and tell you about all the Munster Bus Day Tours.

To see the best sites in County Cork, the best tour is Blarney and Cobh. It leaves every day at 12:30 and goes to Blarney, site of Blarney Castle, and Cobh, the last exit point of the Titanic before it has sunk. They are also the most beautiful villages in the province of Munster. The price is € 32 for adults and € 30 for students, however the price of admission to Blarney Castle and the Titanic Experience in Cobh is included.

Si quieres ir un poco más lejos, tenemos también nuestros tours de los Acantilados de Moher, El Anillo de Kerry y la Peninsula de Dingle. Ellos salen un poquito más temprano, a las 08:30, pero esto solo es para que podamos ver todos los sitios más importantes en la ruta en un día. Si necesites más información sobre nuestros tours, busca en nuestro sitio web, o si tienes más preguntas generales, vaya a nuestras oficinas donde nuestro equipo están listo a ayudaros :).

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