Probably the most important historic town in Ireland, Kinsale is a must see on your visit to County Cork and the best way to see it is on a Munster Bus Day Tour. Set against the rolling green hills of West Cork and in the mouth of the magnificent Kinsale harbour, Kinsale town is a hidden gem. We travel there almost every day in the summer and it is one of our most popular Day Tours. If you have a grá for the sea and an interest in Irish history, this is definitely the Day Tour for you.


Kinsale is known internationally as the site of the Battle of Kinsale in 1601. In this epic battle, Irish forces, aided by a Spanish expeditionary force, were defeated by the English, and resulted in what became known as the Flight of the Earls where members of the Irish aristocracy fled Ireland for mainland Europe. The ancient fortifications from that time, Charles Fort and James Fort, remain intact and this is one of the most popular stops on our Kinsale Day Tour. These are architecturally as well as historically unique given their star shape. A walk around the walls of Charles Fort and James Fort give an incredible insight into what conditions were like for the soldiers of both sides.


Nowadays Kinsale town is known for its bright multi-coloured streets and promenade along the harbour walls and the town is a lovely place to take a morning stroll. Every year in May, Kinsale hosts the Kinsale Sevens Rugby tournament and if you’re lucky enough to take a Day Tour at this time, you will find the streets of Kinsale thronged with people and a lively atmosphere. You may even get to catch a game of rugby, one of Ireland’s national sports.

Kinsale is also hugely famous for seafood. Oysters are a true Irish delicacy and they are the typical fare of all restaurants in Kinsale. You simply can’t go to Kinsale without trying a plate of oysters and a pint of Guinness. Your Day Tour guide will advise on where’s the best place to go to, but for this we highly recommend the Blue Haven, situated in the heart of the town.

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