Situated in the heart of the McGillikuddy Reeks mountain range, the Killarney National Park is truly one of County Kerry’s hidden gems. Boasting a stunning array of flora and fauna, the Killarney National Park is a must for all nature lovers. The National Park is also known as Ireland’s most beautiful lake district,boasting the stunning Lakes of Killarney, situated at the foot of Torc Mountain.


Recommended for first time visitors is a trip to Torc Waterfall, a beautiful sight, from where a public hiking trail will lead you through the forest and all the way to the top of Torc Mountain. Inexperienced walkers shouldn’t worry about the challenge though, the entire trail is laid out with wooden stepping stones, making it accessible for all, even children. Torc really is just a walk in the park. Once you reach the summit, you will be blown away by the spectacular view of the lake district where, on a clear day, you can see all the way to Dingle Bay, a perfect spot for a picnic.


For those of you that are a bit more experienced, you might decide to take on Mangerton, one of the highest mountains in the park. This mountain is famous in Irish mythology as it was the site of some of Ireland’s oldest monastic settlements, and you may even see a few beehive huts on your way. Just before the summit is the magnificent Devil’s Punchbowl. Feel yourself shrink as you stand on the edge of what is one of Ireland’s most beautiful natural landmarks.


A the end of your day, or perhaps if you decide hill-walking isn’t your thing, take a stroll around the shore of the Lakes of Killarney and into the grounds of Muckross House. As well as this stunning 19th century manor, you are likely to see wild deer roaming the area, completely tame to human activity. A horse drawn tour is an excellent way to discover the lake district, and there are many on offer.
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