Whether you’re living in Cork or you’re just passing through, it would be a crime to miss the world famous Blarney Castle and grounds. Situated only fifteen kilometres from Cork City Centre, Blarney Castle is very accessible with our Munster Bus private Tours. We travel to Blarney Castle. and to make a day of it we normally include a couple of more locations like Cobh and Kinsale.


Blarney Castle is over six hundred years old and was built by the great chieftain of Munster, Cormac McCarthy, as a defensive settlement. However nowadays it’s more known for welcoming people in than keeping them out. Blarney Castle has been completely restored and is a beautiful tribute to the rich medieval heritage which is such an important part of Ireland’s history. If you feel brave enough to climb all the way to the top of this 27 metre construction, you can kiss the Blarney Stone, also known as the Stone of Eloquence, and receive the ‘gift of the gab’ an old Irish myth!

Once you’ve finished exploring Blarney Castle, Take a walk around the expansive Blarney Castle Gardens. They boast six different types of garden, ranging from a poison garden to a uniquely themed Irish garden, this truly is the best place in Ireland to get lost (just don’t lose your driver!) :).


And of course on your Blarney Day Tour, you will have plenty of time to spend in the duty-free haven that is The Blarney Woolen Mills. There is no better place to pick up a few traditionally made Aran jumpers or some Irish silverware. Once you’ve shopped till you’re about to drop, we highly recommend you stop in the Woolen Mills restaurant for a lovely bowl of Irish stew and maybe a pint of Murphys!

For all those interested in visiting Blarney Castle or in taking our Munster Bus Day Tour of Blarney, visit our website at www.munsterbus.ie, or the Blarney Castle website at www.blarneycastle.ie.

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