Blarney and Cobh are known throughout Ireland as the two most beautiful villages on the island. Every day a bus leaves from our office in Bridge Street. Here at Munster Bus, we are very proud to have the best Day Tours of the whole area of ​​Cork and the city. We start in the city of Cork at 12:30.


First we go to Blarney Castle, known as the site of Blarney Stone and the Blarney Woolen Mills. The castle was founded by the McCarthy family in 1446 and was a defensive site in wars against other Irish families and foreign forces. Today it serves as the most famous castle in Ireland and year after year comes millions of visitors to kiss the famous Blarney stone. With our Day Tour the entrance to the castle, which is usually € 12, is included in the price of the tour. After the castle, we go to the garden of Blarney, which has more than 150 varieties of flowers and if it is sunny the day of the tour is one of the most beautiful roads in Cork. Then we had lunch in the town of Blarney, in the Blarney Woollen Mills restaurant. We recommend the Irish stew, the traditional food of the region.

At Cobh, we stopped first at the Titanic Experience center. Cobh was the first door of scale of the Titanic, before it sank in 1912, with the death of 1,500 passengers. About 150 passengers climbed the Titanic in Cobh and there is a museum dedicated to them and all the other victims at the Titanic Heritage Center. In addition there is a reconstruction of the box office of the White Star Line. Cobh is not only famous for the Titanic, it is also an area of ​​natural beauty that does not exist in many other places in the world. Now it serves as a very important naval base for the Irish Navy and if you go in the summer, it is very likely that you will see huge boats at the gate, all from different origins of the world.


Your guide will be an expert on all historical and cultural issues that appear on the Blarney and Cobh Day Tour. In addition, our drivers are very friendly and always ready to help you. If you want more information, take a look at our page. There our team can answer any question you have about our Day Tours, or about general activities in Cork.
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