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9 nights’ accommodation in luxury hotels including breakfast daily.
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10 Day Ireland

Private Guided Tour inclusive of many major sights and important historical facts for you as well as any friends or family who come too.

Tour Duration: 10 Days

For maximal freedom and enjoyment on your part, our tours are also flexible so you can choose to stay longer in areas which pique your fancy and shorten time spent in places which do not.

Multi-day tours can be started and finished wherever suits you and the sample itinerary below can be tweaked in accordance with your own needs.

On such an extensive tour as this you will be sure to have taken in sights and left a mark across the whole length of the country. Starting off in Southerly regions and working your way towards the North via the beautifully scenic West coast of Ireland you will be exposed to both the most well-known and revered attractions our beautiful country has to offer as well as the most niche and unique corners, nooks and knolls which make up the breath-taking landscape. All of this paired with the expert guidance of our experienced driver guides at your side who will be sure to provide all of the interesting historical facts as well as having the craic, makes for a truly immersive experience in which you really take the reins.

Starting and ending in Dublin, we first visit The Glendalough Valley in The Wicklow Mountains National Park. An area abundant in natural scenic beauty, perfect for honing your inner photographer. Atop these peaks sits one of Ireland’s oldest traditional and most famous establishments, Johnnie Fox’s Pub a place which lays claim to the title of the highest pub in the country and is a must see for anyone in the area. What follows is a night in Kilkenny, ‘The Marble City’ and a place of large medieval significance. Waking on day two then The Rock Of Cashel is visited en route to Cork where you will also take in Blarney Castle before hunkering down for a your second night in this new city. Subsequently, your third day will remain in the surrounding area as you explore Cork in a more in-depth manner. Venturing to the West of the county you will see Drumbeg Stone Circle, Timoleague Abbey, Skibbereen and Kinsale before returning to the previous night’s lodgings. Moving to the fourth day you will embark West on a journey which will span four separate days tracing your way up the country. First touring The Ring of Kerry over the Cork and Kerry Mountains taking in the most noted sights and even a view ‘fit for a lady’, then spending day five appreciating The Dingle Peninsula, home to Fungi The Dolphin and the famed Skellig Michael. Travelling further up the rugged West coast from here, you will meet The Cliffs of Moher, with their imposing and beautiful cliff faces holding you high above the vast expanse of blue sea below, the situation practically implores photo-taking. Day seven consists of the exploration of the beautiful Connemara and Cong, the night preceding and following which will be spent in Galway. Swiftly onto day eight then, you will be whisked into the North, staying a night in Donegal after taking in a graveyard at Drumcliffe, the burial ground of W.B. Yeats and home to the oldest Celtic cross in Ireland as well as seeing yet more cliffs, these ones entitled Slieve League and amounting to an astonishing three times the height of The Cliffs Of Moher! Staying in the North for the ninth day then en route from Donegal to yet another city, Belfast, you may have the opportunity to stop in Derry for a coffee (this being a walled and historic city in and of itself) and will experience the Antrim Coastline, Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-A-Reed Rope Bridge, hearing the intriguing stories behind each of these. Finally, on the tenth day, after a night in Belfast and on the way to your last drop-off back in Dublin, you will squeeze in some time at The Titanic Experience where you will learn all about this well-known ship and the tragedy that was her maiden voyage, before taking a black taxi tour around this city steeped in history. These two final touches should leave you in high spirits and register you a fountain of knowledge yourself before you say your final goodbyes to your driver guide and go on to your next adventure with your group, whatever that may be…

Itinerary Highlights

  • Glendalough
  • Wicklow Mountains
  • Kilkenny
  • Cashel
  • Blarney Castle
  • Cork City
  • Drumbeg Stone
  • Timoleague Abbey
  • Skibbereen
  • Kinsale
  • Ring of Kerry
  • Dingle Peninsula
  • Skellig Michael
  • Killarney City
  • Cliffs of Moher
  • The Burren
  • Connemara & Cong
  • Galway City
  • Drumcliffe
  • Slieve League
  • Galway City
  • Kinvara Coastal Drive
  • Cliffs of Moher
  • Bunratty
  • Doolin

Nine Overnight Stays:

Across this sample ten-day private excursion, you will stay in a variety of places, all of which are listed below;
1st night staying in Kilkenny
2nd & 3rd nights staying in Cork
4th & 5th nights staying in Killarney
6th & 7th nights staying in Galway
8th night staying in Donegal
9th night staying in Belfast

Day 1

Departing from Dublin The Glendalough Valley in the Wicklow Mountains National Park is visited. This is an awe-inspiring mountainous area which infuses stunning scenery with an air of tranquillity, two qualities which allow for utmost enjoyment. Atop one of the peaks sits ‘The Highest Pub in Ireland’ famed for this reason, Johnnie Fox’s Pub is a must go for anyone in the area. You may enjoy lunch here or a mischievous Irish coffee or two! Subsequently you will have time for rest and maybe some shuteye in the comfort of your private vehicle en route to the medieval ‘Marble City’ of Kilkenny where you will stay for your first night. Although only being the size of a large town Kilkenny does not let this fact hold it back, it instead has footholds in many fields, be it sport, craft ale or comedy which when paired with their medieval prominence, make them a place of undoubtedly large influence and spirit. Some of the historic features and events which may interest you include; fantastic buildings, traditional pubs, The Kilkenny Arts Festival and Cat Laughs Comedy Festival to name but a few.

Killarney Lakes, Ring of Kerry

Day 2

Leaving Kilkenny on this next day we advance South towards your next night’s residence in the cosmopolitan city of Cork. On the way you will have the opportunity to take in the Rock of Cashel in Tipperary. This historical landmark is not only a greatly photogenic structure for its size, position atop yet another hill, architectural features and roots in the 12th century, but also bears links to the early rulers of the South of the country as well as two of the most famed individuals from Irish legend and history, those being St. Patrick and Brian Boru. One revered for banishing snakes from and introducing Christianity into Ireland and the other for being the only King to have united all of Ireland under a common ruler for any significant time. It’s initial influence as a fortress and then as an ecclesiastical centre are all aspects you will be sure to hear about in a much more in-depth fashion as you visit them with your driver guide on your unique private tour. Upon reaching Cork you will immediately become acquainted with yet another castle to kick off your time in this city to round off your second day. Blarney Castle, with its famous Blarney Stone, is known all over the country for the gift it may bestow on anyone brave enough to kiss said stone. It is said that upon doing so you will receive the gift of eloquent speech, a very useful trait no doubt!

Day 3

On this third day of your ten you are sure to be occupied, with over four different stops at separate attractions in the West of Cork planned. First, from where you are staying you will be whisked straight to Drombeg Stone Circle, built and in active use sometime between 1100-800BC, this historic circular stone structure is thought to have held a ritualistic astronomical purpose for its direction, facing South-West towards the setting Sun. It is also known as the ‘Druid’s Altar’ for its highly likely use in early religious ritual. After taking in this ancient sight, you will head straight for Timoleague Abbey yet another building of great age, having been constructed in 1240AD. Sharing a border with the still water of Courtmacsherry Bay, this structure of ecclesiastical influence is outstanding for its picturesque quality and is a perfect example of the Romanesque architectural style. Moving on from here you will meet Skibbereen, a quaint Irish town of colourful shopfronts and buildings positioned on many narrow streets which can lay claim to being the birthplace of one General Michael Collins, a hugely influential figure in the liberation of Ireland from British rule. Finally, on this day, you will depart from ‘Skib’ as it is locally known to move towards Kinsale, another town, but this one renowned for food stops. Being the perfect place for lunch you will undoubtedly enjoy dining in this area, known as the ‘Gourmet Capital of Ireland’. As well as its prominence in the hearts of ‘foodies’, Kinsale will also expose you to yet more historical castles. There will be an opportunity to capture a snapshot of Charles Fort, a star-shaped fort which proved instrumental in the stoppage of the Spanish Armada reaching our shores in 1601. A last important point to note in this area is its possession of one of the world’s most celebrated golf courses, The Old Head of Kinsale which has been a favourite of several former US Presidents. A tasty pint should be easy to find to round off your day’s adventure, and well deserved too! All of this before you return to the last night’s lodgings in Cork City for a good night’s rest.

Day 4

The fourth day of your private tour involves branching out from Cork with an embarkment West, over the Cork and Kerry Mountains into the territory of a new county to undertake the 112-mile trek that is the Ring of Kerry. Regularly positioned in the top two Irish attractions, this winding road will take you through a multitude of differing terrains, from the rugged sides of mountains and picturesque edges of lakes to endearing towns and villages renowned for their foothold in Irish culture, character and lively nature all the way back to crashing coastal scenes of the Atlantic which remains close by your side for almost the entirety of your journey. Spectacular sights and views await anyone who travels this road and noted attractions such as The Lakes of Killarney, Torc Waterfall and Ladies View wait in store to make even the most unpractised photographer appear expert, as it is simply almost impossible to catch a bad angle of such beauty as these key sites hold. To conclude the day’s sightseeing (and most likely sheep-seeing too!) you will take up residence in Killarney where you will be enthralled by the charm as well as craic agus ceoil (fun and music) of Ireland’s number one tourist town.


Day 5

Explore the Dingle Peninsula and Slea Head Drive on your fifth day, leaving the joys of Killarney behind for a short time to venture further North along the trail of the West coast. See beehive huts of monks dating back to 2,500BC and look out at Skellig Michael, the rock jutting from the sea which once served as the dwelling place for the Skellig Monks. More recently, this rock formation made its mark on the Star Wars franchise, being the setting for some scenes in the movies and was picked as one of the top destinations in the World to visit by Lonely Planet. Dingle is a ‘chocolate box’ town with many bright, colourful shops to entice those walking on its streets. Home to some utterly unique and locally sourced crafts, this is the perfect place to pick up some distinctive souvenirs or maybe just personal treats, because, well, when in Rome (or Dingle!) … Fungi the Dolphin, a most friendly and photogenic animal, takes up residence in the water’s off this endearing town and can be gotten to within touching distance rather easily by boat. Finally, it’s a trip to Murphy’s Ice Cream Parlour without which no time spent in Dingle would be fully complete. Here in this whimsical place, every taste bud will be tested by the most extravagant and outlandish of flavour combinations, before you make your return to the wonderful Killarney where you will stay for the second time, once again availing of the opportunity to witness the ins and outs of its traditional music venues.

Day 6

For day six, Ireland’s number one attraction waits in store. You will wind your way up the West coast after waving Killarney goodbye for the final time, taking in the lunar-like phenomenon that is the Burren’s topography. Once thought to have been an underwater reef, many millions of years ago, this unique landscape is home to some of strangest and most beautiful flowers there are. After taking in the flora and fauna here, you will stand atop the towering Cliffs of Moher, a testament to the power of nature themselves, standing at over 700 feet (213 metres). With the breath-taking expanse of the Atlantic Ocean’s waters at your back, this is undoubtedly the best place to grab a photograph. Boat trips can also be arranged to catch an even better angle! The cliffs’ visitors centre and gift shop also make it very accommodating and the perfect place to find some nice souvenirs. With the entirety of day six dedicated to this most known Irish attraction, you will leave knowing all there is to take in about the wondrous spectacle. Then after a bite to eat in Fitzpatrick’s in Doolin, known for its outstanding food and own brew, ‘Dooliner’ you will carry on to your accommodation for this night in ‘The City of the Tribes’, Galway, where the famous Eyre Square, Shop Street, Spanish Arch and many cathedrals as well as castles await to surely tickle your fancy. All with the joyous presence of street performers and traditional pubs in the background for you to enjoy too.


Day 7

Feeling well rested and in high-spirits the next morning, we will set off to explore Connemara and Cong, for its stunning and rugged nature this area served as the film set of the famed classical film, ‘The Quiet Man’ starring Hollywood legends John Wayne and Maureen O Hara. It will also be your next opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring qualities of Irelands beautiful landscape. The luxurious Ashford Castle lies in Cong village and is free for anyone to stroll within and soak in the atmosphere of a bygone era. On this day you will also visit the magical Kylemore Abbey and Gardens which can be explored at your leisure. Take the opportunity to veer off the beaten track and truly immerse yourself in peace and tranquillity by indulging all your senses to take in the natural scents, sounds and sights of rural Ireland at its best. Such an experience should have you completely relaxed for your return to Galway for your second night in this most cosmopolitan city, ‘Ireland’s Cultural Heart’.

Day 8

As the eighth day rolls around we will bring you the whole way into the North of Ireland. Having gone the length of the country, you will find yourself visiting a graveyard of great significance in Drumcliffe, important mainly for its being the burial place of W.B. Yeats, a renowned Irish poet, dramatist and writer who stood as one of the foremost figures of 20th Century literature. In this area you may also behold the oldest Celtic cross in Ireland, thought to have been erected around the 7th or 8th centuries. After taking in these meaningful historical pieces, you will then be exposed to something entirely different to round off your day. Another, lesser known set of cliffs entitled ‘Slieve League’ will allow you to stand atop the world once more as at their highest portion, they amount to a staggering three times the height of the Cliffs of Moher! After taking in such a bewildering and striking sight a relaxing trip to this night’s hotel may be necessary, and this is exactly what you will receive as you set foot into the city of Donegal for your one night scheduled here.

Day 9

En route from Donegal to Belfast, your next anchoring point, the sights and places of day nine will be taken in and told of. Firstly, you will meet the walled city of Derry, a great coffee stop with much historical value to speak of, it having been an area highly involved in the conflicts of the British introduction of Protestantism to Ireland. Next in line for you on this day is the Antrim coastline, home to the Giant’s Causeway, a strange pattern of rock columns jutting from the sea, which is told to have been the creation of conflicting giants trying to reach each other from Ireland and Scotland to settle their differences in times past. Also, along this rough patch of coast lies the Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge, a shaky crossing to test your nerve on as you walk above the waters far below. Finally here you will get to Ballintroy Harbour, a paradise for any Game of Thrones fans on tour, this was the filming place for the ‘Iron Islands’ in the movies and is an area where you can literally visualize some of the scenes you have previously witnessed on screen. To conclude the day, you will arrive in your final overnight destination, this one in Belfast city.

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Day 10

And so it is in high spirits that you will wave goodbye to Galway city on the following morning to undertake the planned events of day five. These being the undertaking of the Kinvara Coastal Drive to reach the Burren, a place of almost lunar-like appearance for its otherworldly landscape once thought to have been an underwater coral reef millions of years ago but now thankfully positioned firmly above sea-level for you to take in. It’s indigenous flowers act as little specks of beauty among the miles of harsh terrain, all culminating to bring you to what are known as the ‘mini cliffs’ like a smaller version of their much larger counterpart a couple of miles down the road, these rock formations along an especially photogenic patch of coast allow for photographs also and serve as somewhat of a warmup for what is to come once you reach Ireland’s number one attraction, the Cliffs of Moher. Departing from these ‘mini cliffs’ a stop in Fitzpatrick’s in Doolin comes first, a bar and restaurant known for their stunning food and personal craft ‘Dooliner’, of which a pint is essential. Finally, leaving here we head for the Cliffs of Moher. Testament to the power of nature, these behemoths stand at 700 feet (213 metres) tall. With the picturesque blue background of the Atlantic lapping at their base, these truly mark a beautiful corner of the planet. A boat tour can also be organised to gaze up at the cliffs from below too offering another photo-angle. Then, it’s off to Bunratty Castle, a fifteenth-century structure with which a photo stop can be squeezed in. Finally, when all is said and done, it’s back across the country to Dublin for the drop off which marks the end of your touring experience. This is the point where we wave our goodbyes and let you head off on your next adventure whatever that may be and hope on seeing you again soon!

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